Welcome to Robins Class!



We are Year 3 and 4 

Class teacher: Mrs Sandells


Please click on the links to read our curriculum letters:

Robins Class Curriculum Letter Spring Terms 3 & 4

Robins Class Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2

Robins Class Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 1


Our current topic is all about food. We are learning about fair trade and the journey our food makes to reach our plates. We have been learning about how bananas and cocoa beans travel a lot of food miles to reach us. We have been tasting different types of bread and are going to make our own bread. 



 Need to practise your times tables? Try one of these websites!

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Currently we are writing extended stories based on The Catch. You can watch the film here




Practise your nouns, verbs and adjectives with Big Brown Bear!


What are nouns?