Welcome to Robins Class!

Earth and Beyond!


Our current topic is Earth and Beyond! We are learning about our amazing solar system. Click on the following links to find out more...

Kids Astronomy

Space Kids

Information about Io (Jupiter's most famous moon)

The Solar System song!



Want to practise your co-ordinates? Try one of these games!


Billy Bug co-ordinates

Show the Co-ordinate



Need to practise your times tables? Try one of these websites!

Table Trees

Hit the button!

Topmarks times tables games


There are also lots of good apps for your ipad if you have one - search the app store for free times tables games. 


Practise your 3D shape work using this quiz!

Shoot down some 3D shapes here

Play Kung Fu angles here





So far this year we have completed a unit of work on extended narrative based on The Deserted House by Mary Coleridge. We have planned and written Autumn themed poems.

You can see our seasonal Haiku on display in the hall.  

This term we have written extended stories based on The Catch and even written a sequel for our December Big Write.



Play the verb tenses treasure hunt here


Practise your nouns, verbs and adjectives with Big Brown Bear!