Welcome to Wagtails

We are learning the following Letters and Sounds: s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e r u h b f ff l ll ss j v w x y z zz ch sh th ng ee or ai oa igh oo ar ur ow

Welcome to Wagtails

We are Reception and Year 1

Class teacher: Miss O’Connor


Please click on the links to read our curriculum letters:

Wagtails Curriculum Mind Map Autumn Term 1 2017

Wagtails Class Curriculum News Autumn 1 2017 RECEPTION.pdf

Wagtails Class Curriculum News Autumn 1 2017 YEAR 1.pdf

On Friday 7th July Wagtails visited Conkers in Derbyshire. 

Conkers Located in 120 acres of woodland with ponds and lakes, classroom facilities and interactive exhibits, Conkers offers an excellent environment for learning and has been awarded the LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom) Quality Badge.

We enjoyed a day of exploration at Conkers. Making our way around the Indoor Interactive Exhibits, enjoying some playtime in the Enchanted Forest and discovering the thrills of the Treetop Walk. Outside there was lots to discover including the amazing Barefoot walk, Sensory Walk. We also took a trip on the Conkerchoo train to visit the Waterside site, where we found mature woodland walks, an Amphitheatre and an Adventure Playground.



 There were lots of sleepy heads on the way home!

We are working towards the Early Learning goals. Click here to view them.

Kinetic Letters - Letter Formation

The children are following the adventures of Bounce the brave monkey and Skip the scared monkey. We have learnt the Jumper Family (h, b, r, m, n, p), the Abracadabra Family (c, a, o, d, g, q, s) and the Window Cleaner Family ( l, t, i, u). Please help them to practice this whenever they are engaged in writing at home

Things to Note:

  • Children are provided with fruit from the Government free fruit scheme.
  • All children have free access to a water bottle. 
  • Milk is free for all four year olds but must be ordered from the 'Cool Milk' website. Once children are five they automatically come off the register but parents can go back on the website to purchase milk if they wish to continue having it. 
  • School meals are provided by ABM and must be ordered directly on Parent Pay where you can choose what your child will have to eat. This can be booked in advance but must be booked before 9.00am on the day you wish your child to have a meal. 
  • PE is on a Wednesday and Tuesday and children will need a PE kit in school which should include a white t-shirt, a  pair of shorts and trainers. This will be sent home at the end of each half term for a wash!
  • Wagtail class visit the class library every Friday afternoon where they will bring a book home for the week. Please make sure you return your child's library book the following Friday so they can choose a new book.
  • Ginger the Bear will choose someone to go home with for the weekend each Friday.  
  • Welly Walking takes place every Wednesday and Cooking will start after half term.
  • Home Learning is sent home every Monday and will be a Maths Game to enjoy together, please return the game (and all the pieces) the following week to be changed. Continued daily reading and learning of letter sounds and tricky words is hugely beneficial. 
  • Children need Wellies and Waterproof trousers in school every day! These can stay at school for the term.
  • Please check your child's book bag daily.

We strongly discourage children bringing toys or other items from home into school to play with.