Our term 6 topic is 'This is Me'

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Year 5 and 6

Class teacher: Mrs Sida

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We hope you enjoy reading our page, where we will be sharing what we are learning with you.

Year 6's Pop Art Portraits - can you tell who is who?


Information will appear here giving details of your child's home education programme during the period of school closure.

Kestrels Class Home Learning Year 5 March 2020.pdf

Kestrels Class Home Learning Year 6 March 2020.pdf

Term 6 home learning

As before, I will be updating this area daily for those of you still learning at home, and would love to hear from you by email at rsida@wsses.co.uk at any time.
I will now be in school Monday to Thursday teaching those in year 6 who are returning, so whilst I will try to check my emails every day, I cannot promise an immediate reply. I will try my best but please be patient!

Wonder - chapter 25

Wonder - chapter 24

Wonder - chapter 23

Wonder - chapter 22

Wonder - chapter 21

Friday 10th July

Good morning Kestrels. I hope you have had a good week despite the horrible weather. 

Here is your LAST weekly quiz - let's see if everyone who has been learning from home can complete it this week.

Kestrels LAST weekly quiz

As always, the daily maths and English is below, and you can use the term 6 timetable attached below to plan your other subjects each day, or choose any of the activities from the weekly home learning activity sheet to work on. 

Have a great weekend and check in on Monday for your last week of term activities. 

Take care and work hard!

Mrs Sida


Here are today's tasks:


If you haven’t had your BIG spelling test, ask someone at home to test you today.


Today I would like you to produce a piece of writing of your choice, inspired by ‘Little Freak’. You might want to watch the film again to refresh your memory about it.

You could:

  • Write a diary entry for the boy on his birthday.
  • Write a description of what you imagine it might be like for him going onto the stage at the circus.
  • Write a poem about the film.
  • Write a letter to the circus owner protesting about the way in which people like the main character are used as entertainment.
  • Write the follow up to the film. What happens next?

Enjoy! I would love to see some of your writing. Please send it to me.


It’s family maths challenge Friday.

Go to BBC Bitesize daily lessons to see the challenges for this week, or follow the links below.  Remember, if you are in year 5 the challenges for your year group are numbers 1-5, and year 6 challenges 1-6 (but if you want to try some of the others you can do)

Some of them are trickier than others….do what you can and rope in the rest of the family to help with the ones you can’t do.

Family maths challenge

Family maths challenge answers

Thursday's tasks in case you still need them:


10-15 minutes of spelling / GPS work from your books and spelling lists. You should be getting ready for your spelling test!

Wonder and Little Freak have some things in common, don’t you think? Today I’d like you to think about the similarities and differences between the book ‘Wonder’ and the film ‘Little Freak’. Compare the way the character is presented, how they feel about their appearance and how other people react to them.

Similarities Differences






If Auggie had been born in a different time and place, do you think he might have had a similar life to the boy in ‘Little Freak’?

Those of you who have watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ might also spot some similarities.



10-15 minutes daily number practice – how fast are your times tables now? Hopefully quicker than when you left in March, not slower. Use https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/477/Multiplication-Tables-Check to check.

Carry on with your Vitruvian man project.


Here are the links from this week's weekly activity sheet all in one place for easy access:

BBC Bitesize synonyms and antonyms

Little Freak

BBC Bitesize music essentials quiz part 2

Picture Frame DT planning booklet.pdf 


Maths games and activities:

If there is anything in maths that you want to learn more about or go over at home, this website has some really great videos that explain maths concepts, as well as quizzes and activities to help you:

Maths is Fun

Use these games to improve your fractions, decimals and percentages:

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages games

Here are some links to online games that will help you with your place value, ordering and rounding, and with your times tables. Remember you all need to know your tables so get practising!

Topmarks dartboard rounding 

Hit the Button

Grand Prix times tables

Daily ten maths challenge

Place value mystery numbers

For all areas of maths you can use the following websites:

Topmarks maths games 

BBC Bitesize

Primary Homework Help

Other learning websites:

The following websites have fantastic resources  for all areas of the curriculum:


BBC Bitesize


Kestrels are bloggers!

Kestrels were busy updating the class blog before school closure, and we are now using the blog as one way to keep in touch whilst we are away from school - book club enjoyed their virtual meetings before Easter.

Please comment on our stories - but remember, be polite and considerate to others in the comments that you make. Hopefully we will now continue our blog to keep you updated on all the latest Kestrels news.

Here is the link:


Online Safety

Keeping safe online is really important, especially when you start to use social media and gaming sites as you get older. If you would like to access the Cyber Cafe from home, here is the link:


Here is the link to the 'Band Runner' game that some of you played in class:


If you would like to watch the video about Becky and Simon and talk about it with your family at home here it is: