Welcome to Kestrels class! Our topic this term is 'Living on the Edge' and we are learning about the Amazon.

Welcome to Kestrels! 

5 and 6

Class teacher: Mrs Sida

Supported by Mrs Highton

We hope you enjoy reading our page, where we will be sharing what we are learning with you.

Welcome back to the Summer Term! I hope you had a fantastic Easter break and you are looking forward to a busy and exciting term in team Kestrels. If you have any questions please contact me at rsida@wsses.org and I will respond as quickly as I can.

PE will continue to be Tuesday and Friday this term and weather permitting we will be outside for both sessions. Please can children come to school in PE kit on those days.

Homework arrangements are the same as last term. Year 6 should be revising regularly for their SATs using their revision books and 10-minute test books. SATs take place the week beginning Monday 9th May.

Please make sure that your child has a water bottle in school every day now that the weather is getting warmer.

Below you will see an overview of our topic this term, and our summer term timetable (although this will vary slightly in the 3 weeks run up to SATs and during SATs week itself)

Maths games and activities for developing your skills...

Here are links to some websites that you can use to support your maths.

These websites are great for all areas of maths:

Maths Zone


Maths is fun

BBC Bitesize maths

Primary homework help
Practice adding different amounts of time here:

Adding time game

If you need practice telling the time you can use this game:

Telling the time

Use these games to improve your fractions, decimals and percentages...

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages games

Activities to improve your knowledge of angles and shapes

Mathsframe angles and properties of shape

Number Games

Factors and Multiples game

Topmarks dartboard rounding 

Hit the Button

Grand Prix times tables

Daily ten maths challenge

Place value mystery  

Year 6 arithmetic practice

Grammar, punctuation and spelling revision

BBC Bitesize GPS


Kingswood 2022

What an amazing time Kestrels had at Kingswood! After a windswept picnic at Cromer and a slightly damp start to our activities on Wednesday, we had blue skies and sunshine for the rest of the week. All of the children should be extremely proud of themselves for trying new things, fighting their fears and for their superb behaviour. They even slept! Please enjoy looking at the slideshow below to see what we got up to, and read the activity reports written by some of the class. 


Archery was really fun because you have to try shoot the middle of the target and you only get 3 arrows.

I learnt that you hold the arrows down otherwise if you fall and it’s upright it will hurt a lot.

Personally I think it was hard because the arrows kept slipping out of the hook and fell on the floor so I had to tip it sideways which made it a bit tricky.

I enjoyed the game where if you get it in the middle you get fork, if you get it in the blue you get a knife and if you get it in the white you get a spoon.    By Lilly

Side by Side buggies

At Kingswood one of the many activities that we did was the 2 person Buggies/side by side, many people enjoyed it and even said that it was their favourite activity!

 The 2 person Buggies is exactly how it sounds except there is a course that you drive around to earn some points and even lose some points if you crash or run over a cone. Some people were very careful drivers however some were very extreme drivers. Personally I thought that it was an amazing experience and would love to do it again.     By Ella

Crate Stack

Crate stack was fun because you spent a lot of time with your friends and every one was doing something most of the time. Pulling the rope was the hardest bit. Being the crate stacker was easy but you had to get it on the right way on. It was really funny but made it a bit scary. It made everyone happy to shout “timber” when they all came to knock the crates down.         By Niamh

Laser Tag

The laser guns had scopes and we had to wear hats with lights on. The lights went red when you die. You can hide behind barrels and tyres. You have to shoot the light on their hats. I really liked shooting people.  By Ethan D

Zip Line

Zip lining was SO fun but at first it was scary especially when you’re at the at the top of the tower and the fact that you have to climb three flights of stairs to get up there but it is worth it when you jump, walk, or fall off and zip line down.

You do have to wear a harness but it isn’t that bad; you just need to make sure you tighten them properly or you might slip out of it. You can have help tightening them so you don’t have to worry about slipping out and falling.

You may be scared but the instructors are VERY nice so you don’t have to be scared. In the end it is very fun - you might want to do it again, or you might be glad to be on the ground and never want to do it again. Either way you’re safe.      By Willow


In Kestrels we are loving Worldle - it is really helping us with our geography skills. Here is the link if you want to give it a try at home: https://worldle.teuteuf.fr/ 

Safer Internet Day Quiz:


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Online Safety

Keeping safe online is really important, especially when you start to use social media and gaming sites as you get older. If you would like to access the Cyber Cafe from home, here is the link:


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