Our new topic is 'Peek into the Past.' In Kestrels we are learning about the Romans.

Welcome to Kestrels! 

Year 5 and 6

Class teacher: Mrs Sida

Supported by Mrs Highton, Mrs Horn and Mrs Abbott


Please click on the links to read our curriculum letters:

Kestrels Spring term 2 Mind Map

Kestrels Curriculum letter Term 4 2020

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Kestrels Class Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2

Kestrels Class Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 1 2018-19

We hope you enjoy reading our page, where we will be sharing what we are learning with you.


Information will appear here giving details of your child's home education programme during the period of school closure.


Good morning Kestrels! Well, you made it. Today is officially the start of the Easter holidays. I hope you're feeling positive and that you don't think that two weeks of home school has been too bad. 

I've really appreciated hearing from so many of you over the past two weeks, whether that is through emails, the blog, a wave over the road when I've been in school, or on the phone. I hope you've been managing to keep in touch with each other as well. I will put a blog post up today for you to comment on with your thoughts.

Hopefully you've finished all of your tasks for the week so that you can take some time today to do the things that you enjoy, and maybe set yourself a  challenge for the holidays - you might not be out and about as much as you would be usually, but you could use the next two weeks to get really good at something...whether that is toilet roll keepy-uppies, drawing cats, playing a piece on a musical instrument, building that complex lego model you've been putting off...or something completely different. I'd love to know what you get up to.

This will be my last daily message until Monday 20th April, when I will be back with the next part of your learning at home.

64 million artists will still be posting a daily challenge, and do make sure you keep reading. 

Take good care of yourselves and your families, keep smiling, and remember I am proud of you all. Hopefully we will be back together in school soon.

Mrs S  


64millionartists.com - today's challenge is to get dressed up in your fanciest outfit!

WSSESKestrelsclass @WssesK - class twitter page    https://twitter.com/explore

Try to write a little bit in your diary each day.


Hopefully you've realised by now that Gerald is my little bit of fun with the Google 3D tool. Here he is in school on Thursday!
Hopefully you've realised by now that Gerald is my little bit of fun with the Google 3D tool. Here he is in school on Thursday!

Week 2 – 30th March 2020

Hi Kestrels - I hope you've had a good weekend and you are ready for week 2. I really hope that you have managed to keep to a routine and follow the tasks that have been set – I’ve really enjoyed reading your emails this week, but there are lots of people that I haven’t heard from yet…please ask your parents to drop me a quick message to let me know how you are getting on. Remember, you can complete your work in your work books or in your orange exercise book. Your orange book should be presented beautifully and with as much care as if you were at school, with a date and a title for each piece of work.

So, this week's tasks are:


  • MATHS: We’re doing some revision of work from the start of the year this week. Read the Number and Place Value section of your workbook (p2-8), answer the questions and practice using all the skills related to this area of maths. (2 pages per day approx.)
  • ENGLISH: work on your punctuation this week, especially those pesky commas, by completing p 36-50 of your work book (2 pages per day approx.) Keep practising the spellings from your Spring term list as well. Choose 10 that you are finding tricky to really focus on this week.


  • MATHS: We’re doing some revision of work from the start of the year this week. Read the Number and Place Value section of your workbook (p4-11) (2 pages per day approx.), answer the questions and practice using all the skills related to this area of maths. Also, please complete, mark and correct at least one of your Maths ten minute tests.
  • ENGLISH: Work on your grammar and punctuation knowledge this week by completing p68-78 (2 pages per day approx) of your English workbook. Also, please complete, mark and correct at least one ten minute test in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, and Reading.


  • Read EVERY DAY for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Practice your basic number skills - I have posted links to Corbett 5 a Day and White Rose Problems of the day - if you can't print them you could complete them in your orange book.

Think about what we would be doing in school on each day....

Monday - Science; have you had a go at one of the science investigations yet? 

Tuesday - Computing and Art - if you have access to a computer spend an hour brushing up your Excel, Powerpoint, Word or Scratch skills. Have some creative time too - use the ideas in your pack or try the 64 million artists creative challenges.

Wednesday - PSHE - do something kind. Write to your grandparents; help around the house; offer to cook dinner.

Thursday: French - I have linked to a Quiz that our French club teacher Helen has created (password bonjour) or you could give Duolingo a try – either for French or why not try a completely new language for fun?

Friday: History - work on your Roman project.

Of course, you can do any of these things on any day - it is up to you and your families to design your own timetable. Make sure you get some fresh air and exercise every day too. Joe Wicks is streaming a live PE lesson at 9am every day on YouTube – I’ve been doing it every day (it’s HARD - but fun!!)

I will pop in every day to say hello and signpost you to other daily activities that you could do. 

Stay safe, look after yourselves and take care. Only one week until the Easter holidays, which might not be quite as you expected them to be but there won’t be any school work to do.

Mrs S :)





Maths games and activities:

If there is anything in maths that you want to learn more about or go over at home, this website has some really great videos that explain maths concepts, as well as quizzes and activities to help you:

Maths is Fun

Use these games to improve your fractions, decimals and percentages:

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages games

Here are some links to online games that will help you with your place value, ordering and rounding, and with your times tables. Remember, you all need to know your tables so get practising!

Topmarks dartboard rounding 

Hit the Button

Grand Prix times tables

Daily ten maths challenge

Place value mystery numbers

For all areas of maths you can use the following websites:

Topmarks maths games 

BBC Bitesize

Primary Homework Help

Other learning websites:

The following websites have fantastic resources  for all areas of the curriculum:


BBC Bitesize


Follow this link to find out more about animal classification:

Learning zone Animal ID

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life

Well done to our new house captains Kaelyn, Georgina, Olivia and Lydia.

Kestrels are bloggers!

For our Computing unit this half term we have created our own class blog, where we have posted news about the different things that we have been up to in class.

Please comment on our stories - but remember, be polite and considerate to others in the comments that you make. Hopefully we will now continue our blog to keep you updated on all the latest Kestrels news.

Here is the link:


Burwell House day 1...

We arrived at Burwell House in beautiful sunshine and enjoyed exploring the grounds before lunch. This afternoon we took part in lots of fun team challenges, settled into our rooms and were introduced to the TV studio. This evening we practised our map reading with ‘Around the Grounds’, an orienteering challenge, before songs, games and hot chocolate around the campfire. There have been lots of smiles and fun had by all. We even met Buster the Burwell cat, who decided to join us for our campfire. We’re looking forward to our TV studio day tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll manage to post another update. Goodnight from the Burwell team, ready for bed after a busy day!     

....See the WSSES home page for more Burwell news and photos.

The Big Sing!

We had an amazing time at The Big Sing. Check out the gallery below to see photos of us waiting for the show to start.

Online Safety

Keeping safe online is really important, especially when you start to use social media and gaming sites as you get older. If you would like to access the Cyber Cafe from home, here is the link:


Here is the link to the 'Band Runner' game that some of you played in class:


If you would like to watch the video about Becky and Simon and talk about it with your family at home here it is: 



What will your plastic pledge be?