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I will be updating this daily and would love to hear from you and the children by email ksandells@wsses.co.uk at any time. 

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Today is Thursday 2nd April 2020

Happy Thursday Robins!

Today is the last day of home learning for this term. Well done to you all :)

Make sure your modern Egypt project is finished today as after the holidays the new topic will be Lets Grow!

If you want to do something arty today check out Tate kids

You can find out about artists, enjoy art and craft activities and take part in art themed games and quizzes here -  a good last day of term treat. 

Another end of term treat you might enjoy is the Horrible Histories episode about Crafty Cleopatra. Click below!

Horrible Histories Crafty Cleopatra

Today will be my last message until Monday 20th April when I will be back with the next part of your learning at home.

Have a great Easter Holiday - stay happy and healthy and keep smiling. We will all be back together just as soon as we can. 

Mrs Sandells

 Week commencing 30th March 2020


Year 3

Please complete section 6 about sentence punctuation this week. This includes work on capital letters, full stops, question marks exclamation marks and some sentence writing practice. It can be found on page 36-44 of your targeted question book. You can write straight into your book. 

Year 4

Please complete section 7 and the first part of section 8 this week. The focus is punctuation and includes work on capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks and use of commas. It can be found on pages 36 - 45 of your targeted study book (two pages per day) 

Please also make time to read every day - this could be one of the three books you chose to take home but can also be anything else you want to read - a book from home, a magazine or the newsround website :)

It can also be fun to listen to online stories and lots of you have been enjoying a daily dose of David Walliams from the website below:




Year 3

This week please revise your place value skills by completing section 1 of your maths targeted study book and complete the practice questions on pages 10-11. 

Year 4

This week please revise your place value skills by completing section 1 of your maths targeted study book and complete the practice questions on pages 12-13. 

Maths extension work

Some of you have been working quickly through your targeted study book. If you finish before Friday, here are some ideas for what you could do in your maths learning time:

Practise your place value skills with online games here

Challenge yourself with a place value maths investigation from nrich here

If you need a paper based extension activity please email me and I will send you something suitable for you. 


Other areas of learning

At school we follow a broad, rich and varied curriculum as well as learning Maths and English. You have an exercise book to complete all other work in.

Thank you to those who sent me a photo of their Free Writing from last week, I really enjoyed reading them. 

I have included lots of new and exciting ideas for this week. 


Joe Wicks is encouraging everyone to get active at 9am every day and you can find out more about how to join in here

At the time of writing you can also go for a walk, a run or a bike ride so long as you stay at least 2 metres away from people who don't live in your house with you. This may change so make the most of it this week. 

If you like dance then you could check out Strictly Come Dancing star Oti Mabuse's dance lessons for children at Dance with Oti



Check out these fun online music lessons for children:

Myleene's music Klass



Harold is writing a daily diary with lots of suggestions for activities you can do at home:


You can also explore lots of exciting science activities with Maddie Moate at:

Science with Maddie and Greg



Why not practise your keyboard and typing skills this week at

Dance Mat typing

You can find Scratch online here



 Here are some links to carry on practising your French. Some of you have asked about accessing our normal Catherine Cheater French lessons but sadly these are not available online. 

Crickweb French games

 BBC Bitesize


The Arts

Make sure you spend some of your time getting creative. You could go out into the garden and sketch,  do some Egyptian art work, listen to your favourite music and create a mini fact file about your favourite artist...or you could choose a creative bingo activity from this website...

The Arts Creative Bingo

I noticed some of you enjoyed watching the live stream of animals from Chester Zoo last week. If you'd like to have a go at drawing some animals check out some step by step videos below. 

Drawing Animals


 The Ancient Egyptians


Our current topic is all about the Ancient Egyptians and how they lived over 5000 years ago. We are currently finding out about how they lived, what they believed in and what their writing was like. 


In Computing we have been researching different aspects of

Ancient Egyptian life using online encyclopaedias like

DK Find Out. Check out our amazing work above!



Maths Term 4

We are currently learning about fractions. You can practise your fractions skills by using some of these links below:

Fractions with small denominators

Adding fractions

Fruit shoot fractions

Interactive fraction wall

equivalent fractions game

Times tables

Need to practise your times tables? Try one of these websites!

Table Trees

Hit the button!

Topmarks times tables games

End of Year 4 times tables check


Place Value

Marlon's Magical Maths


Roman Numeral Games

Build the Roman Building!



Rounding dartboard




Mental Maths Train


Funky Mummy


Pairs to 20 and 100


Expanded column addition




Division Derby

Mental Maths Train

Crystal Crash Division