Welcome to Term 1! Our topic is Location, Location, Location!



We are Year 3 and 4 

Class teacher: Mrs Sandells

Supported by: Mrs Abbott and Mrs Horn


Please click on the links below to see our mind map for this term and read our curriculum letter with important information and reminders!


This week's learning 21.9.20

Details of this week's learning is attached below. 

If you are learning from home, follow the information below for Maths and English and the relevant learning from the attached weekly plan for other subjects.

Maths Home Learning

If you are learning from home this week then:

·         Practise your times tables

·         Play some of the educational maths games from our class page

·         follow the White Rose learning for your year group below:





(not the last video about rounding - that's for next week)

There is also a White Rose worksheet attached for each year group below.

English Home Learning 

If you are learning from home this week then:

  • Read for at least 20 minutes a day and keep a record in your blue book
  • Choose a passage from your reading book and pick five interesting/trciky words. Find out what they mean 
  • Practise your spellings using your coloured sheet and your spell well leaflet (attached below)
  • Practise joining sentences with conjunctions using the Fantastic Mr Fox worksheet (attached below)
  • Watch the speech punctuation video from https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zvftsbk and try to write some sentences following the rules. 



Useful links for this week's learning

Story of Noah


Reflection video for science



Maths Games for Year 3 and 4

Times tables games 

It is important to keep practising your times tables and keeping up your skills. Use the games below to help!

Multiplication check

Hit the Button 

Coconut Multiples

Multiplication Bowling 


Mental maths games 

Keep your mental maths skills sharp using one of these activities:

 Mental maths train

Daily 10

Funky Mummy 

Maths Magician


Money games

Topmarks money games


General Maths skills (recommended by lots of you!) 

 Guardians of Mathematica