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Home Learning-  All Wagtails are to practise their letters and sounds/tricky words and read their reading books daily.

Wagtails Reception September 2020 

Tribal classrooms!
As part of our focus on well being and settling into school
feeling safe and happy, each class has been thinking hard
about what will make their class a brilliant team (or tribe) this
year. Classes have made team flags showing the values that
they think are important.  Since
we are spending a lot of time in our class ‘bubbles’ and not
mixing with other year groups at the moment, it is even more
important than usual for us to be great class teams.

Here is Wagtails Tribal Flag! 

This term we are working on the following

Rapid Recall Facts.  


Name numbers in order to 10.

Compare 2 numbers by saying which is more or less.

Recognise quantities without counting (subitise) up to 5.

The aim is for the children to be able to recall these facts instantly

Learning Links for Week Commencing: 21st September

Numberblocks the Number 2

Numberblocks The Number 3