Welcome to Wagtails


Welcome to Wagtails

We are Reception 

Class teacher: Miss O'Connor

Teaching assistant: Mrs Segond 


Welcome to Wagtails Class


Summer Term 1



Please see the curriculum mind map above for information about what Wagtails are learning this term.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Miss O'Connor 



New this term: Learning Logs!

This term the children will be bringing home a learning log with tasks to complete across the term. A learning log is a personal record of their learning. It is a place to record what they have learnt in an imaginative and individual way. Each task will be linked with learning the children are doing in class. If you have any questions about the learning logs please feel free to contact me to ask.

Some Tasks this term refer to additional resources these are linked below.

 Be an animal architect .pdf

Cats Eyes Science Experiment.pdf

Duck Feathers Science Experiment.pdf

How Fish Breathe Science Experiment.pdf

Hibenating Tortoise Science Experiment.pdf 


Little Wandle Letters and Sounds

These videos (linked below) show you how to pronounce the sounds. Notice how the children don’t add an ‘uh’ sound at the end, so they say: ‘t’ not ‘tuh’.

Use the downloadable information sheets below to help your child remember how to write their letters and say their sounds.

Phase 2 Sounds taught in Autumn 1

Phase 2 sounds to be taught during Autumn 2

Phase 3 Sounds to be taught during Spring 1

More information on our Phonics scheme and support for you at home can be found on the Little Wandle Website.

Little Wandle for Parents