Welcome to Woodpeckers Class!


Welcome to Woodpeckers!

Year 1 and 2 

Class teacher: Mrs Thomas

Class support: Mrs Highton

We hope that you enjoy reading our page and sharing our learning.

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Hello, it was really good to see and hear so many of you yesterday, I hope that you enjoyed it too and can join us again today virtually for our history topic session in class. There are some images at the bottom of the page that you can download.

This week's home learning is below, please continue to look out for a daily message, as well as the English and Maths learning, it will continue to be on our class page and Seesaw.  

In the afternoons please continue to follow the weekly planning grid, it is totally up to you which order you wish to complete the learning activities if you are at home, please could you try to leave PSHE for our live session today and your history topic for tomorrow afternoon . 

Please find all the documents you should need to complete your learning, if you are unable to download or access anything please do email me and I will reply as soon as I can, it could be after school has finished.

My email address is: ethomas@wsses.co.uk or you may wish to use ethomas@wsses.org I will check both and of course Seesaw.

Try to keep in touch daily and send your work to me so that I can see how well you are all doing. 

I look forward to seeing you virtually this afternoon! 

Mrs Thomas

You should still be practising your Phonic sounds and blending, using your school reading book or a favourite book from home.


This week we are completing our text linked to our Topic for this term, Explorers and Exploring, The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle. If you are at home there is no need to buy the book, instead follow the link to watch the author reading the story, hopefully you should have time to listen to the whole story. 

The Pirates Next Door  

Wednesday 20th January, 2021

LI: To retrieve information

In preparation for our history topic lesson this afternoon I would like you to discuss everything that you already know about pirates, real or not.

Use the resource below (or your own layout if you prefer) to share all of your information about pirates, please send it to me and also bring your own work to our live session this afternoon if you can.

20.01.2021 Year 1 and Year 2 resource


Tuesday 19th January, 2021

LI: To summarise events.

Today you are going to summarise your story and make it into a comic strip. Discuss what summarising means (retelling something including only the main, important events). When we summarise something for someone else, we pick out the important events which help them to understand and we leave out the unimportant ones.

Year 1 and Year 2- Using your story and the plan that you wrote for each part of your story last week write sentences (only one or two at the most for each part) to summarise your story and then draw a picture to explain the main event that is happening in each part.

Year 2 (Year 1 – extension) - underline any informal vocabulary you may have used.

Challenge for Year 1 and 2: Make sure that you have included all of your characters in your comic strip.

19.01.2021 Year 1 and Year 2 resource (Year 1 you may choose only to complete 3 of the boxes, Year 2 complete all 6 please).

Monday 18th January 2021

LI: To edit, improve and review writing.

Today you need to go through all of your story and check/correct any errors in punctuation or where it does not make sense (you may have noticed this when you read out your story in the last lesson).

Use the resource to check your own work against it and then complete the bottom part of the table.

Year 1 - make simple edits such as capital letters and adding adjectives, then complete the resource for your finished story.

Extension - make edits to adjectives, adverbs and check that emotion has been used.

Year 2 - make edits to adjectives, adverbs and check that emotion has been used, then complete the resource for your finished story.

Extension – extend a sentence with a conjunction and describe the setting using more detail.

Challenge for Year 1 and 2: You could add another expanded noun phrase, adverb and change any nouns/adjectives which are repetitive.

18.01.2021 Year 1 and Year 2 resources


Follow the link for the daily clip that will continue to support your reading and writing.

Phonics at home


White Rose Maths Home Learning:

Year 1 (Year 2 revisit if necessary) – Spring Week 3 – Number: Addition and subtraction.

This week there are not always the corresponding clip to watch as some work is additional subtraction to consolidate this concept before moving on.

Extensions: True or False questions, Flashback 4 as well as Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions. Please do not feel that your child must do the extensions, they are there to provide additional challenges if you feel that they are needed.  


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Year 1 Subtraction – crossing 10 (lesson 1)



Year 2 Make equal groups – grouping (consolidation)


Our class page also has links to maths and times tables games.

Year 1 resources

Year 2 resources:

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Year 1 Subtraction – counting back (lesson 2)


 Year 2 Make equal groups – sharing


19.01.2021 Year 1 resources

19.01.2021 Year 2 resources

Monday 18th January 2021

Year 1 Subtraction – not crossing 10 (counting back)


Year 2 – Number: Multiplication and Division.

Year 2 Make equal groups – sharing (consolidation)


18.01.2021 Year 1 resources

18.01.2021 Year 1 resources

18.01.2021 Year 2 resource (consolidation)

18.01.2021 Year 2 resource (consolidation)

18.01.2021 Year 2 resource

18.01.2021 Year 2 resource

20.01.2021 Images for history topic live session