WSSES will be implementing Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised programme from September 2021.


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World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March 2021 is World Book Day! This is a massive celebration of books and reading which takes place across the country at this time every year. Here at WSSES we are celebrating world book day in a number of different ways to inspire our children to love books and reading. 

* World book day tokens have been emailed to all families to enable children to purchase one of the special world book day books for just £1

* All children have been given the chance to sneak a peek at the special world book day books online to see which they would most like to read

* Children have been invited to take part in the share a story reading stars activity and can earn a special certificate for completing all their stars. This is a brilliant way to encourage different types of reading and can be found here:

There are games for younger and older reading stars!

* All children will have the opportunity to take part in a special world book day themed live Teams lesson on World Book Day using special materials created by the real authors and illustrators of the world book day books. 

* Last but not least, the staff in school have been busy creating a Masked Reader activity where the children have to try to guess which member of staff is reading behind the mask and what book they are reading. 


Who is reading behind the mask and what book are they reading?

Masked reader ALIEN     Masked reader BLUE RASPBERRY     Masked reader FOX     

Masked reader KING WORM     Masked reader LOCHNESS     Masked reader PIGEON

Helping families have fun with reading!

For tools to help your child think and talk about the world around them and easy ways to make reading part of every day click on the files below.

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