School Uniform

It is our belief that children should be dressed appropriately for a day at school and that a school uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school

  • Engenders a feeling of community and belonging

  • Is practical and smart

  • Identifies the children with the school

  • Is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be)

  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance.


Our uniform is as follows:


School blue sweatshirt with logo OR jumper in grey or blue.

White collared polo shirt with logo OR collared shirt in white.

Trousers (not jeans), or shorts (not Bermudas) in grey, black or navy blue.

Shoes not trainers.


School blue sweatshirt / cardigan with logo OR jumper / cardigan in grey or blue.

White collared polo shirt with logo OR blouse with collar in white.

Pinafore, skirt, or trousers/shorts (not jeans) in grey, black or navy blue or summer dress in blue (striped or checked).

Shoes not trainers.


For PE ALL children will need:

PE shorts in black or navy.

Plain T-Shirt in their House Team colour or alternatively a white T-shirt.

Trainers for outdoor PE lessons (we prefer children to work in bare feet for gymnastics and dance, unless they have athletes foot, warts or verrucae).

Dark coloured tracksuits for outdoor PE.

Children are not permitted to wear watches, earrings or any other form of jewellery whilst taking part in PE activities.


One Stop School Gear

School uniform can be purchased from our supplier, One Stop School Gear. To make shopping for your child’s uniform more convenient you can purchase uniform in the following ways:

Please click here to go directly to our uniform supplier.